MASAVA Boatshampoo With Wax

Masava Kemi ApS

MASAVA Boatshampoo With Wax


MASAVA Boatshampoo with Wax is specifically developed for cleaning and aftercare (waxing) of fiberglass or plastic boats.
The shampoo cleans the surface very effectively and removes the film of dirt covering the surface of the boat. The surface is efectively sealed by the wax contained in the shampoo.

The wax at the same time gives brilliance and colourdepth to the fibreglass or the plastic. The result is an effective treatment with a longterm durability. 

This product can also be used for cleaning of: cars, boats, caravans and for plastic garden furniture. 


Dilute with lukewarm water at the ratio 1 dl shampoo to 5 to 20 litres of water depending of the cleaning required.

Apply the shampoo with a soft brush. Leave it to work for a few minutes and then wash/polish with the brush again. Then thoroughly rinse with clean water and if necessary dry off with a wash leather or similar.


The product is an aqueous solution of non- and cationic tensides, wax and preservative.

Product attributes
Physical StateLiquid
Danger SymbolNone
pH concentrated5,5
Specific gravity1,00 g/ml
Solubility in water
1000 L