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MASAVA KEMI has agents, dealers, and distributors all over the world.

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Contact information of Masava Kemi:

Phone: +45 66 10 90 60
Fax: +45 66 10 90 13

At Masava Kemi, we have 5 main products for cleaning and degreasing in shipping, offshore, and oil/gas industry:

Agent / dealer / distributor

Norway – North Sea

Swire Oilfield Services/Liquid Handling AS – Office and stocking facilities in – Stavanger
Servicing the oil bases in Tananger and Dusavik.

The company is close related to some of the biggest operators in the North Sea and handles many logistic and delivery assignments from Tananger and Dusavik.

In Stock:

Swire Offshore Services/Liquid Handling stocks Masava Max and Masava Rig Cleaner in 1000 litres IBC.

Contact information:

Tel.: +47 51 65 38 00
Mobile: +47 916 85 517
E-mail: gunnar.aasland(at)

Norway – North SeaGermany – Winterberg Trading GmbH

Supplies of all marine technical demand, spare parts for compressors, separators, pumps.

In Stock:
Winterberg Trading GmbH stocks Masava Offshore Cleaner

Contact information:

Nordstr. 14
D-27751 Delmenhorst-Germany
Tel.: +49 171-6455683
E-mail: hwinterberg(at)