Boat Care

Cleaning and maintenance, specially developed products for boats

MASAVA Accommodation Oil for car interiors excels in providing a combination of cleaning and polishing in one step. The specially formulated oil is designed to effectively remode dirt while imaprting a shiny and protective surface to vinyl components in the car. With this convenient solution, you achieve not only a clean surface but also enhanced shine and long-lasting protection for your car’s interior.

MASAVA Boat Shampoo with Wax is specifically developed for cleaning and aftercare (waxing) of fiberglass or platic boats. The shampoo effectively cleans the surface, removing the film of dirt covering the boat’s exterior. Simultaneously, the wax in the shampoo seals the surface, providing both protection and a long-term durability, enhancing brilliance and color depth while keeping your boat in excellent condition.

MASAVA Deodorizer Industrial is tailored to address challenges with unwanted odors . The effective water-based cleaning formula is designed to remove and eliminate bad smells, such as smoke odors, food smells, or other unpleasant odors. Use the product for cleaning the boat interior, including seats, carpets, and other surfaces, to restore a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.

Our Gelcoat Cleaner is your optimal solution for removing rust and lime deposits, as well as stains from your boat. This specially formulated gelcoat cleaner, enriched with a fine abrasive, is designed to effectively combat these unwanted elements, resulting in a smooth and clean surface. Prepare your boat for subsequent polishing or painting by choosing MASAVA Gelcoat Cleaner – the first step in maintaining a beautiful and protected fiberglass.
Additionally, Gelcoat Cleaner can also be used for deep cleaning of teak wood.

Our Marine Cleaner is especially designed for cleaning external fiberglass or wooden surfaces. The Product is particularly effective when surfaces are covered with algae or heavily soiled with oil or grease. Whether it’s your boat or your plastic garden furniture that needs efficient cleaning, Marine Cleaner is your optimal solution. This product is also effective for degreasing machine parts, machinery, fixtures, and floors. However, the product should not be used on glass.

The ideal solution for keeping your engine and mashinery parts in top condition. This emulsified petrochemical solvent is designed for effective degreasing and cleaning of engines, steel, and metal components. A quick and efficient solution for maintaining your engine.

Ensure your camping experience is healthy and safe with our effective Water Tank Cleaner. This specially formulated cleanser effficiently removes bacteria, algae, and other impurities from the water tank. Ensuring not only clean drinking water but also extending the lifespan of your water tank.