Environment, efficiency, and economy

MASAVA KEMI’s partners include the following:

MOSCORD is a trading portal that handles freight from warehouse to ship, also known as “the last mile”. They stock MASAVA KEMI’s products and manage transactions with shipping companies. With warehouse facilities in Amsterdam, Antwepen, Rotterdam, Singapore, Dubai, and Houston, MOSCORD delivers around the clock to ships in ports. MOSCORD primarily distributes our sustainable Bag-In-Box packaging, which you can learn more about HERE

CLEAN FOR CARGO is a valuable partner serving as a knowledge resource in tank cleaning. They have contributed to the development of Tank Cleaner Solid, a groundbreaking product where a 10-liter plastic container replaces a 200-liter drum of tank cleaning solution. CLEAN FOR CARGO distributes, markets, and provides support to users of the product. You can learn more about Tank Cleaner Solid HERE

LOMAX serves as a distribution channel for businesses and individuals who recognize the value of using effective and highly concentrated products manufactured in Denmark.