Environment, efficiency and economy

Who are we?

Since 1971, MASAVA KEMI has been a leading force in development and production of environmentally-focused, highly concentrated, and economical cleaning supplies for every line of work. Some of our focus areas are industry, offshore including the oil, wind, and gas sector as well as the maritime trade. MASAVA KEMI is located in Svendborg and is 100% Danish. MASAVA KEMI is certified in regulation to suppliers for the offshore department, and we therefore follow the most strict environmental laws. 

MASAVA KEMI has developed MASAVA MAX; the world’s first extreme degreaser, marked with the EU Ecolabel.

MASAVA KEMI cooperates with the leading manufactures of raw material and thereby secures the optimal base for the level of development of our current as well as newly developed products. 

MASAVA KEMI is represented internationally via an agent and distribution network which makes it possible to provide services to large parts of the world. 

MASAVA KEMI offers individually suited solutions for trades and corporations with the need for special products for specific assignments. 

MASAVA KEMI offers “private labels” solutions where the customer wishes to market his own brand, whether it is newly developed products for the purpose or existing products from our MASAVA range. 

MASAVA KEMI focuses on products with the biggest possible field to limit the number of products and thereby achieve profit and saving of space for the user. 

MASAVA KEMI offers expertise for assignments which at first seem unsolvable with other products and has a success rate at more than 90%.

MASAVA products...