MASAVA Water Tank Cleaner

Masava Kemi ApS

MASAVA Water Tank Cleaner


MASAVA Water Tank cleaner is a Hydrogen peroxide solution used for cleaning fresh water tanks and piping on board ships, boats and in caravans.  


Clean the fresh water tank thoroughly (use ex: Masava Tank Cleaner). 

Mix MASAVA Water Tank Cleaner in a ration of: 0,5 ltr MASAVA Water Tank Cleaner to 160 ltr clean water. Calculation should be done beforehand on size of tank contra MASAVA Water Tank Cleaner needed. 

When the tank is filled with water and correct amount of MASAVA Water Tank Cleaner has been added, open up for all water taps. Wait until the water has passed through all piping, hoses and pumps on board and is pouring from all taps. Then close. Leave for soaking at least 6 hours then drain of and flush with clean fresh water. Drain off and fill again. the tank should now be ready for use. 

If necessary, a water sample can be taken and tested. 


The product is a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. 

Personal Safety

Wear suitable gloves during handling. 

Product attributes
Physical StateLiquid
Danger Symbol
pH concentrated
Specific gravity
Solubility in wateryes
1000 L