MASAVA Tank Cleaner

Masava Kemi ApS

MASAVA Tank Cleaner


MASAVA Tank Cleaner is a very effective, concentrated basic cleaning product with a strong grease- and protein-dissolving property. 

The Tank Cleaner has a high effect on removing discoloring from inert gas and sot, and removing heavy grease and proteins after various oil cargos. 
The product is IMO approved and is listed on IMO’s MEPC.2/Circ.19 Annex 10 list of 17. dec. 2013


Use vessels butterworth machines or similar system. Follow the vessels tank cleaning instructions.
MASAVA Tank Cleaner is dilutable with water. Use an approx. 0,25% – 1,0% solution, which corresponds to 1:100 or use following guidelines:

For injection Cleaning 20 litres og Tank Cleaner to 10-15 mwater consumption.
Cleaning by recirculation: 2,5-10 Litres Tank Cleaner to 1m3 water
The product may be used in other ratios and for manual tank cleaning. 


The product is an aqueous solution of basic, non-ionic tensides and complexing agent.

Personal Safety

Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection during handling.


MASAVA Tank Cleaner is used in the shipping and food industry for cleaning tanks, holds and items of stainless steel and plastic.

Product attributes
Physical State Liquid
Colour Yellow
Danger Symbol Corrosive
pH concentrated 14,0
Specific gravity 1,2 g/ml
Solubility in water Miscible
Packaging 1
1000 L

MASAVA Tank Cleaner