MASAVA Offshore Cleaner

Masava Kemi ApS

MASAVA Offshore Cleaner


MASAVA Offshore Cleaner is specifically developed for cleaning and degreasing within the offshore industry and for ships and heavy industry. The product is used where oil, grease, soot, algae and other dirt must be removed from machines, floors, walls, ceilings, machine parts and other surfaces that can withstand water. 

The product may further be used for washing work clothes and is very suitable for precleaning before painting. 

The product should not be used on glass withour rinsing after, as it can cause matting of the glass. 

The product may be used in connection with an oil separator. 


Dilute with cold or warm water (possibly also seawater) in the ratio 1:5 or 1:100 depending of the cleaning required. 

Apply the sollution with cloth, brush, sponge or high pressure cleaner.

Filters are immersed


The product is an aqueous solution of non- and cationic tensides, glycolether, silicate, calciumbinding agent, complexing agent and colour.

Personal Safety

Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection during handling. Using spraying (high pressure cleaner) tight fitting safety glasses, or even better facial mask possibly with respiratory equipment must be worn. 


MASAVA Offshore Cleaner is developed for the offshore industry, where environment and work environment is set high. It has for several years been used by offshore companies and shipping companies all over the world, but finds also many applications onshore among these as an effective primary cleaning product before painting. 

Product attributes
Physical StateLiquid
Danger SymbolCorrosive, health hazard
pH concentrated13,5
Specific gravity1,06 g/ml
Solubility in waterSoluble
1000 L

MASAVA Offshore Cleaner